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More than 80% of web traffic comes from search engine referrals. If you're serious about getting visitors, it is critical that your site is indexed by them. We offer both FREE and paid search engine submission services:

Submit FREE to 44 Search Engines

Use our free search engine submission script to submit your site to 44 top search engines and web directories.  There is no obligation for using our free submission service.

Submit to over 300 Search Engines for just $4.95

Get maximum exposure for your site! For just $4.95, we'll submit your site to more than top 300 search engines and directories for you.

Why only 300 search engines? There are many companies that offer to submit "800,000 search engines and directories" for you. 

Don't fall for their gimmicks.  The top 100 search engines are responsible for more than 99% of all search engine referrals.  The other half million or so  "search engines and directories" are mostly link farms and spam sites masquerading as search engines to harvest e-mail addresses. 
Submitting to a few hundred top search engines gives you almost 100% exposure without opening the floodgate of junk e-mails.

Why pay up to $100 to send your personal information to half a million spammers while you can submit your site to 300 legitimate search engines and directories for just $4.95

For just $4.95 we hand-feed your website information into our state-of-the-art submission software and monitor the entire submission process.
 This semi-manual process allows us catch any errors and re-submit to any search engines that does not accept your site the first time.

This is not a hit-or-miss search engine submission service as offered by many other companies. We take great pride in our work!!

For optimal results, we recommend that you use BOTH our free and paid submission services.

Affordable Graphic Design Services

Clear Imaginations offers a host of affordable professional services for individuals and businesses alike.

Whether you need a logo for your new website, a cover design for your eBook, or a cartoonized portrait of yourself to use on social media, our la carte services are designed to give you the flexibility to pay for only you need.

Free Website Tips and Tools

Submitting your site to search engines and directories is vital to your online success, but it  is only the first step.

This section contains lots of free goodies to help you optimize your site for higher search engine rankings.   

Use these tools to make meta tags, determine your link popularity, check your Google and Alexa rankings, predict your future Google PageRank, and much, much more!

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